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Since Forex Trading is a huge market, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to buy on your own. My review should make it easier for you to make an educated decision now that you have the facts.

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How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement

I know that I have been wondering how much do I need to save for retirement. So I started looking around to see how bad my retirement situation really is. I won’t go into my details but the bottom line is that I’m way behind in my planning for retirement. I need a serious infusion of funding to make it through my “Golden Years”.

There are many places to identify how much you need to comfortably retire. What I was able to find indicates that I should have 1.2 million dollars saved in my retirement account to have a comfortable retirement and to live off the annuity from this.

One of the ways to capitalize on your funds if you haven’t saved enough is to postpone your retirement. Waiting just 5 years will make a big difference in the amount that is in your retirement account. Assuming that your account has $50,000 when you reach age 65, waiting until you reach age 70 before you retire and taking the last 5 years to maximize your 401K fund and assuming an 8% return on your investments, you will retire with $772,000 and be able to withdraw an annual salary of $72,000/year for the next 20 years.

While these calculations are fine and dandy if you have a nice nest egg, many of us were hurt by the financial meltdown over the last few years. It makes sense to keep working on your retirement funds but putting all of your eggs into that basket may not be the smartest way to fund your retirement.

I’ve found that an additional income stream that can allow you to save more toward your retirement and even fund it if you work at it. The nice thing about this self-employment opportunity is that it generates residual income once you have a few sites built and ranking, this can run unattended once you have set it up.

I’m referring to affiliate marketing on the internet. This is a business model that is very cheap to start. If you aren’t technologically saavy? There is a community of folks at Wealthy Affiliate that are more than willing to help you get started and learn everything you need to know in a safe environment. Will you need to dip into your retirement fund to learn? Fortunately there is no charge to get started and see what this training facility is all about. For the first 7 days, you will even get Premium level support features with the free membership.

After your first week, some of the high level features are suspended but all of the training for the Starter membership is still available. When you have exhausted the Starter Membership and covered all of the tutorials and certification courses, I suspect you too will have the bug and want to upgrade to the Premium level. If you choose not to upgrade to the very affordable paid membership, there will never be pressure for you to upgrade. I think you will see the value in it though.

If your retirement is looking bleak, and your funds are lacking, I highly recommend that you take a look at your earning power and find out if affiliate marketing is a way that you might close the gap. I know that I have chosen this method and am finding it to be a very helpful addition to my portfolio.


Best Place To Invest Money Now For Massive Profits

The best place to invest money now is the most viable way to invest money now – period. That’s the simple interpretation. In respect of the fact that investment is accompanied by risks – albeit varying degrees of risk – most prospective investors want what is guaranteed to work and make them some profits. You are probably one of them, and the aim of this article is to help you learn about which investments you should put your money into for maximum profits.

1. Stocks: Although I’m quite possibly stating the obvious here, stocks is one of the best places to invest money today. It has stood the test of time and is one of the very best recommendations from expert investors. In fact, if you approached someone with a request to guide you on how to invest, the first option they are most likely to recommend is stocks. That said, stocks is not without it’s disadvantages. Regardless of how profitable it may be, there are losses to be experienced in your journey to the top level of profits, and it may be a jerky one.

However, with sound knowledge about the stock market and prudent due diligence, anyone can make satisfying and possibly amazing profits from stocks. To get started, learn as much as you can about the stock market. It’s also advisable that you purchase several investment books, especially ones specifically dealing with stocks, and read them thoroughly and attentively. All these preliminary measures will minimize the likelihood of failure and boost your confidence. Before I forget, read the news regularly as well.

2. Mutual Funds: The next best place to invest money is mutual funds. Mutual funds is a type of investment that assigns to you a relatively little responsibility since you don’t perform the management yourself. It’s also a great chance or way to diversify your investment portfolio in preparation for any disadvantageous circumstance in the future. All you are required to do is invest the amount you wish to invest and the company managing and selling the mutual funds takes care of the rest. After the company receives your money and that of other investors, they use it to invest in diverse places to reduce risk.

In the end, you will enjoy healthy profits which you can reinvest or use as you want. Mutual funds sometimes earn a higher rating than stocks because of the ease of investing and lower relative risk that accompany them.

Lastly, other places to invest money which are among the best are real estate investing and investing in a savings account. Be sure to read more to expand your knowledge. I highly recommend investment books.